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Liked the videos?  I am sure you have many questions...


What is it?

SuperHeal is a topical salve made using three certified organic wholefood ingredients sold by most good health stores. The recipe is available at our online store free of charge for non-commercial use and we also sell ready made SuperHeal for your convenience. 


What does it do?

There is anecdotal evidence in dogs, cats, horses, mice, rats and humans to suggest that SuperHeal works on cysts, tumours, melanomas, bacterial and fungal infections, haematomas and skin growths. It has strong antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties and also aids in the healing of wounds.

SuperHeal promotes the natural removal of growths so there is less scarring than surgical removal.


Why should I use SuperHeal?

Surgery is not always possible and not always practical. Some patients suffer reactions to anesthesia and some are too frail for surgery. Just like surgery, SuperHeal may remove the physical symptoms of an underlying problem, but it is important to recognise that there maye be a deep internal problem that requires addressing. We recommend addressing such issues with nutrition.


How do I make SuperHeal?


Mix these three certified organic ingredients together and bottle in a glass jar to create SuperHeal:

- Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil 1 Part (previously 1.5 Parts)

- Turmeric Powder (1 Part)

- Lecithin Powder (1 Part) 


*Do not make without certified organic ingredients. We import the purest and highest grade ingredients we can find and I know with absolute certainty that no one else in Australia imports our grade of lecithin. You can always purchase ingredients from us if you are having trouble sourcing them.


What else will I need?

  • Optional powder-free food handling gloves to avoid staining hands and for best mixing.
  • Bandage and tape from your pharmacy. Remember, you need to reapply each day).
  • If applying on to an animal and are worried that it will be tempted to remove the bandage, you may wish to purchase a plastic cone from your vet (the same ones used when a dog has been desexed).
  • Optional cotton bud to apply SuperHeal.



  • Refrigerate for 5 minutes before each use. Storing SuperHeal in the fridge is fine but it may become too hard to use.
  • Keep the area covered because turmeric stains anything it comes in contact with. 
  • Apply SuperHeal daily for 7 days. Allow area to air for 24 hours. Re-apply daily for another 2-5 days or until the lump pops or falls off. Keep an eye on the wound and ensure it does not get infected.
  • Continuing to apply SuperHeal will aid in the healing of the wound and prevent infection.
  • We have had reports of SuperHeal working without bandaging but it is highly recommended that you stick to our method which has shown good results.


Background story

Many of you may know about the little puppy that came along and turned my life upside down - Augustine the Boxer. What many of you don't know is that Mishka my Maltese dog has been in my family since 2001. Sadly, for the first ten years of her life I knew nothing about canine nutrition and as she gets older her previous poor diet is catching up to her.

Not long before the original Dog vs Lump video was made I paid a vet $850 to surgically remove five cysts from Mishka's body. To then find a 1cm hard lump on her tail left me frustrated. I didn’t get Mishka formally tested to confirm what the lump was but I believe it was a cyst.

I didn't want Mishka going through the pain again so I searched for alternatives. I remembered reading how coconut oil and turmeric was used to treat tumours on dogs in nine studies at the UCLA. In 81% of those cases the tumours reduced in size. Curious to learn more I did a google search and found many testimonials from every day people claiming that the tumours and cysts were getting smaller and in some cases popping and dying off for good. What I didn't like is that the process seemed to take many months.

Riding on a hunch I added lecithin powder (black pepper is excellent too) as an activator to increase the bioavailablity of the anti-cancer properties and other healing properties of the turmeric.

Mishka’s cyst popped after ten days. Sadly after one phone call and two follow-up e-mails to the head of the research I based SuperHeal on (Dr. Marilene Beth Wang at UCLA), I heard nothing in response to my findings. I called and e-mailed her on 24th October 2012 and followed up with another e-mail on 28th January 2014.

It just so happened that all three ingredients I used are found in Augustine's SuperFood (turmeric and lecithin are found in Augustine's SuperBoost). It was encouraging to know that at least Augustine has a healthy start to life.

This discovery has put me on a path that motivates me to research every natural cancer therapy I can find and I am compiling an e-book featuring a concise cancer diet protocol.

I would love nothing more than for SuperHeal to be picked up by mainstream science, have tests carried out that will prove its effectiveness and hopefully see it readily available on supermarket shelves – at the very least as a natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial wound healer.

"Never put something on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth." Let food be thy medicine!



Prevention is better than cure and diet is everything! I am not a doctor so please consult your vet before trialing any treatment. I make no claims that this will cure you or your animals in any way shape or form. It worked for us and we sincerely hope it works for you. There are many variables, and a main one being the overall health of the subject and how far the problem has progressed. 


© 2012 -2014 Augustine Approved. Recipe for private use only. Not for commercial production or sale without written consent.


So what DOESN'T Augustine approve?

Additives, chemicals, colourings, dairy, fillers, flavourings, grains, gluten, GMOs, irradiation, meat or animal by-products, MSG, palm oil, preservatives, synthetics, salts & sweeteners.


Just like all our products, Augustine's SuperBoost carries the following symbols:




Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

  • Vit   Choline, E, K.
  • Min  Fe.
  • EFA  Omega 6.  MCT's.



  • Vit   B5, B9.  
  • Min  Ca, Cu, Fe, K, Mn, P,  Zn.  Fibre.



  • Vit   Choline, E, K. 
  • Min  Ca, Fe, K, P.  
  • EFA  Omega 3, Omega 6.

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Product Reviews

  1. Liquid Gold… You saved my girl from surgery.

    Posted by Claudia Zagame & Coco xoxo on 6th Mar 2014

    Coco, my 22 month old Boxer recently developed a large firm lump on her right ear. It was the result of a puncture hole Coco received when she was attacked by a group of dogs at the beach. The puncture hole healed really well but a week later a lump developed.

    I took Coco to the vet and she verified that the lump was a haematoma and explained that the fluid needed to be drain out. She advised me that if the lump had not disappeared within 14 days it would require surgery to completely drain the lump, and a huge amount of stitches would be necessary to form scar tissue to prevent the haematoma from returning.

    My personal belief is that surgery should always be the last option.

    Remembering that l recently purchased SuperHeal for something else, l began to apply it to both sides of Coco's ear, after 7 days there was still no change but l refused to give up after reading all the other amazing testimonials.

    Day 8 No Lump, Yes the lump has totally subsided - It's gone! I continued to apply Superheal for another week just to be sure. Its now 3 weeks later and still nothing.

    The only issue l had was trying to get the Superheal from the Jar to Coco's ear without the Boxer tongue licking the Superheal from my fingers.

    Thank you so much Phivo for this amazing product, which we call "Liquid Gold".

  2. This is the best product ever

    Posted by Kim Alvesteffer on 2nd Mar 2014

    Mona, my six year old Great Dane had cystic tumours on her ears and feet. Unable to afford to purchase SuperHeal at the time, I used the free recipe to make it at home using the ingredients I already happen to have in my kitchen.

    After about two weeks the tumours that were once huge quartered in size and popped leaving crater like wounds before they eventually scabbed up.

    By the end of four weeks, the remaining tumours in her ears crusted up and fell off.

    Mona has hairless spots on her feet and ears to show her warrior wounds of survival. Time will tell if permanent scars will be left.

    "It might work… no promises..." is what the vet said when we expressed an interest in SuperHeal. In future instead of rushing Mona to the vet for expensive surgeries and medication if more lumps appear, I will be going to your online store and purchasing SuperHeal as my first attempt to heal her.

    I am so thankful. This is the best product ever and it's made entirely from organic wholefoods. Thank you so very much. My entire family thanks you, especially Mona.

  3. IT WORKS! DO IT!!!!!

    Posted by Cathy and Mindy on 30th Jan 2014

    My dog Mindy had a lump on the side of her face under her earflap the size of a marble. We had booked an appointment with the vet to have it removed surgically and then I stumbled across your Dog vs Lump videos. Your SuperHeal has saved me $400 at the vet and saved Mindy from having to go through surgery.

    The position of the lump was too difficult to keep covered with band-aids and gauze so I applied SuperHeal three times a day without covering the area. It got a little messy but that it was worth the outcome!

    In less than six days it was flat and dry and almost GONE! Mindy is now healing well.

    I cannot thank you enough for making the Dog vs Lump videos. I hope many people who have such problems with their animals will find your videos and use SuperHeal.

    Thank you for sharing your discovery, you are a true lover of people and animals. Cannot thank you enough!

    Love from Mindy!

  4. Thank you for saving our dog from painful surgery!

    Posted by Istvan and Barnaby on 27th Jan 2014

    Hi Phivo, Augustine and Mishka,

    I just want to thank you for sharing your recipe for SuperHeal. I am really grateful that you don't just offer the product but actually share the recipe.

    My dog Barnaby had had a cyst between two of his paws on his left hind leg since Feb 2013. I had it examined by a vet and after taking a tissue sample I was told it was not malign so I decided against surgery (I am generally against surgery unless it is absolutely necessary).

    Then Barnaby's cyst began to grow just around Christmas 2013 and he began limping during walks so I began applying SuperHeal… on a side note he absolutely loves eating it too!

    It was growing really fast and it was a worrying sight. Then on the first day of 2014 the cyst burst! The sight was gory but Barnaby wasn't really bothered about it - he just licked it sometimes. I kept applying SuperHeal and continued to pray that it would all heal up.

    After a few sleepless nights I took him to the vet (it was a Friday) where I was told the remains of it must be surgically removed, together with the digit it grew out from. I wasn't too happy about that - still I mused if there was 5% chance for SuperHeal to do something before the scheduled surgery on Monday it was definitely worth a try.

    On Saturday we went out for a few hours and by the time we got home there was some blood on the floor along with the remains of the cyst were. His paw continues to heal well.

    I would like to thank you once again for your online help!

    Stay healthy!

  5. Fatty cyst ruptured just hours later!

    Posted by Simone Collins on 8th Jan 2014

    My Facebook post before trying SuperHeal on Sanchez the rat...
    My brave little old man Sanchez! The good news is his recurring neck lump is still just a fatty cyst... Bad news is... when it's ready, I'm going to have to drain it again myself! The vet says he's too old to risk anaesthesia and remove it surgically.
    He's such a little fighter! Despite being old, frail and wobbly, battling respiratory and inner ear infections, he's still happy and loves life and cuddles.

    My Facebook post to after using SuperHeal on Sanchez...
    Thanks so much for the Superheal! I applied it to Sanchez's cyst last night. It was hard to keep the bandage on him, but it actually ruptured only a few hours later! It drained out on its own without me having to poke and squeeze at it, and cause him any more discomfort. I'll keep applying it while the wound heals. I'm also going to see if he likes Augustine's SuperBoost.

    Lump - 0
    Rat - 1
    Thank you!

  6. The best out there! IT WORKS!!!

    Posted by Elodie G., Toronto, Canada on 27th Sep 2013

    Dear Phivo, Augustine and Mishka.

    I would like to sincerely thank you for sending me your wonderful product. It has absolutely done wonders on my mini schnauzer Lyra’s histiocytoma. Lyra is 4 years young and gets severe seizures when she goes under general anesthesia. Your product has saved her from going through any stress relating to surgery and it has also saved me a lot of money.

    Although the Vet knows how sensitive my dog is, they still thought it would be a good idea for her to have surgery, and that this was the only option. I decided to do my own research because I didn't want to risk my dog having a bad seizure and dying on the operating table. This is when I came across your YouTube video Dog vs Lump and clicked through to your site. I am so thankful that I did! Since some Vets do not put the animal's health first, I am glad your products do. Organic really is the only way!

    Your SuperHeal really is a gift from God! Since Lyra did not have a cyst like Mishka, the process was not exactly the same. The histiocytoma turned black and fell off, without hurting Lyra at all.

    I believe that everyone should be aware that there is a product like this out there!

    Thanks again, this has meant a lot to myself and Lyra.

    Elodie G.
    Toronto, Canada

  7. Used to treat sore and inflamed paw without a trip to the vet

    Posted by Lisa Magna on 23rd Aug 2013

    I purchased a jar of SuperHeal in anticipation of my dog, Albie, suffering a reaction to withdrawal of his allergy medication.

    After trying drugs that surpressed his immune system and caused him to vomit I made the commitment to only give him food that I had prepared myself using the Augustine Approved recipes that incorporate the SuperBoost Supplement in order to stop him scratching and nibbling at his skin until it was sore and bald.

    I knew that he may have to get worse before he got better and I was pleasantly surprised to see that he wasn't too bad as long as I bathed him with water infused with calendular flowers and stayed clear of so called medicated shampoos.

    However, after a brief trip to the UK I returned to find Albie limping slightly on his front paw. On closer inspection I saw that it was sore and inflammed, made worse by his constant licking.

    I used SuperHeal with a view to visiting the vet if things didn't improve. Four days later and glowing a bright yellow (thanks to the healing power of turmeric) Albie's foot was fine and he no longer limped or obsessively licked at it. No visit to the vet required!

    I would certainly use SuperHeal again. I was super impressed!

    Thanks again Phivo. REALLY appreciate the advice and love your products!

    Lisa x

  8. I purchased this in case my dog's allergies flared up but...

    Posted by Lisa Magna on 30th May 2013

    Since I changed Albie's diet to Augustine's SuperFood he hasn't had any allergy related sores so I haven't had to use the SuperHeal yet. I'm not complaining though, and neither is Albie!

  9. Miracle!

    Posted by Danielle B. on 10th May 2013

    SuperHeal is nothing short of amazing.

    I have in fact, not used it on my dogs. I purchased superHeal because I, myself had a small growth beside my eye on the orbit bone. Originally, I thought this was a pimple but, it had increased in size over the past 6 - 8 months.

    I watched the before and after video of Mishka and decided I would try SuperHeal on this small growth. I only applied the SuperHeal three times over three nights before bed, using cotton wool and tape over the top. This growth has completely disappeared.

    I absolutely recommend SuperHeal, I believe it has such a powerful blend of healing ingredients that it does in fact remove tumours and cysts.

    I do not know what was on my eye but if I had have gone to a doctor, no doubt they would have done a biopsy and then removed it surgically. Right beside my eye would not have been a desired procedure for me!

    Thank you Augustine Approved I will be sure to use the SuperHeal on my dogs whenever I am concerned regarding a lump or cut etc.. etc.. Keep up the good work because my dogs (and me) are healthier and happier with Augustine Approved in our lives! :)