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Hello friends! It's time for us to take legal action against the Australian Government. Please get behind the company that for almost 5 years has proven time and time again that food IS medicine.



As you may have seen or watched, on the 4th October, the home of the director of Augustine Approved was raided and our privacy violated by the govermenent department known as the APVMA (Australian Veterinary & Chemical Medicines Authority. All we sell is wholefoods and all they had to do was ask for information that was mostly easily available on our website.


Thank you for helping raise over $7,000 so far! It would be fab if you can donate in exchange for great gifts, but if you can't, please SIGN AND SHARE THE PETITION far and wide - the health of our animals depends on it!

Food is Medicine T-shirts are in production and we will contact you regarding size and style once your order is placed.



We (Augustine Approved) intend to contest Australian LEGISLATION relating to the marketing and labelling of pet and agriculture products. We believe that the current legislation is a hindrance to small businesses and negatively effects animal lovers.


If we are successful it becomes a massive win for:

- Small and innovative businesses that make healthy and natural products

- Our beloved pets

- Our civil rights and yours


Amending the current legislation will create a more even playing field for the little guys to compete with large conglomerates and big pharma who produce potentially harmful chemicals.


We are a little company doing some big things. It all started when a little, sick boxer puppy called Augustine came along and turned life upside down. The director of Augustine Approved, Phivo Christodoulou spends his time helping animals and producing organic, market leading products with ONLY the best interests of our animals at heart.



Instead of being applauded by our government, we've been threatened with legal action because of archaic laws that apply to the marketing of products intended for animal consumption or topical use (Agvet Code).


"Any product that mentions a specific disease or condition or refers to the prevention, reduction, treatment, alleviation or cure of any disease or condition is considered a veterinary product and requires registration."


That's right - we can't even say that a product is safe for a dog that has a medical condition let alone make any claims. We cannot even say coconut oil has anti-fungal properties (a no-brainer) because according to the current laws it becomes a veterinary CHEMICAL product that requires registration. This is bureaucracy at its finest.


If we, and company's like ours cannot actively promote that benefits of our products then it will hurt our businesses and most importantly, negatively impact the lives of our pets that react negatively to chemical products. They need to know that other, healthy options exist.



We wish to contest the legislation and ensure that FOOD remains labelled as FOOD - and not veterinary medical CHEMICALS that require registration. We have no issue with regulation, in fact with think it is important.


However, we feel that the current laws are infringing on our civil rights. It is a basic human and animal right to have access to healthy food options and to know of their long celebrated and documented benefits.


We wish to amend the Agvet Code and produce a complementary medicines options just like the TGA has for people, which is practical, affordable, and small allows small businesses to operate in the natural space without being harassed by chemical giants who do not understand nutrition.


The current Agvet Code:

- Favours only big business (too expensive to register natural products that cannot be patented)

- Acts as a deterrent for small businesses to enter the industry

- Does not cater for those that believe in natural health

- Favours chemical products

- Is anti-competition

- Is Anti civil rights - food is food and must never be labelled as a veterinary chemical


Support us and we will be batting for you and the health of your animals. We love you all and we are grateful for all your support over the years!


We won't be backing down, after all... this all started because of a little boxer... and boxers fight for what we believe in. Food IS medicine, and don't let anyone tell you different!


- Team Augustine Approved


How The Funds Will Be Used

All funds will go towards our legal fees. This campaign is to pay for the costs to file our case with the courts so that we can first clear our name and set a precedent. Once successful we will push on to amend the AGVET Code as explained above.

The Challenges

It's a big battle ahead but we and our solicitors believe we have a strong case that will bring positive change. For nearly 5 years we have supported the community, positively impacted the lives of people and their animals and would love your support in return!



So what DOESN'T Augustine approve?

Additives, chemicals, colourings, dairy, fillers, flavourings, grains, gluten, GMOs, irradiation, meat or animal by-products, MSG, preservatives, synthetics, salts & sweeteners.


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